New Delhi

Date: 18 September 2023 | Time: 11 AM

Followed by lunch and one-to-one business meeting

Venue: Pullman-Novotel Aerocity, New Delhi


Date: 21 September 2023 | Time: 9:30 AM

Followed by lunch and one-to-one business meeting

Venue: Novotel/Ibis Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

German participants

Gerber Architects International GmbH

Description:The company key facts above relate to the Gerber Architekten as a group, not specifically to the GA international GmbH as this is a recently registered entity. We trust this is acceptable since we engage with our clients and partners at group or brand level.Design, Planning and Consultancy Services for Architecture, Landscape Architetcure, Interior Architecture and Urban Planning. We design and construct buildings, and focus on healthcare sector.

Meyer-Haake GmbH

Description: The Meyer-Haake company was founded in 1981 by Ms. Meyer-Haake with a product line for dentistry. In 1998 the innovative tissue adhesive EPIGLU® was registered and successfully introduced not only in Germany but also on the international market. In 1999 the radioSURG® 2200, a larger and high-capacity radio surgical unit for all kind ofsurgical procedures followed. In spring 2003 Meyer-Haake sold the complete dental product line to a well-known German dental company and has focused its activities on the medical market since then. In 2010 the RF-ReFacing® - Treatment, an innovative anti-aging method with the Beauty Treat, was registered.The smoke evacuation system smokeSTAR product line was completed in 2012. 2017 introduction of the radioSURG® 2200 PT/PTA 2.2 MHz with touchscreen, multifunctional foot-switch, 49 pre-settings for 8 medical fields, usb slot etc.


Description: EIZO means image in Japanese. Founded in 1968, we develop and manufacture high-end visual solutions to meet the specialized needs of customers in business, creative fields, healthcare, air traffic control, maritime, security & surveillance, and more. While the customers we serve are many, our mission is always the same – to create total imaging solutions that enrich people in their professional and personal lives.

Customed GmbH

Description: Our brand has stood for innovative system solutions in cardiopulmonary diagnostics since 1982. In cooperation with committed and competent sales and service partners, we offer professional solutions and take your individual organizational circumstances and IT structures into account. Whether stationary or mobile, single station or cross-site network solution, practice or hospital - your modular custo med system is a worthwhile investment in the future.
Medical devices and software are developed, produced, marketed and maintained by dedicated teams at our company headquarters in Ottobrunn near Munich. Sales and service companies authorized by us throughout Germany and in over 40 countries act as reliable contacts for our many custo med users.

Metabolic Balance

Description: The Metabolic Balance program has been developed in Germany by Dr. Wolf Funfack, Birgit Funfack and Silvia Bürkle in 2001. Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2002. The product is applied for patients by medical doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths. Present in 40 countries worldwide, the program is distributed through national license holders, which act as distributors in their national territory by sublicensing medical doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths as well as hospitals & clinics with outpatient settings.

Haeberle GmbH

Description: Since 1933 our company has been developing smart ideas and practical problem solutions into countless innovative product ranges in all aspects of the equipment cart and multipurpose trolley sector and marketing them successfully across the whole world.
The modular basic ideas are systematically developed into personalised solutions. This approach is exactly what makes our systems so diverse. Our extensive range of practice-tested products offers a wide variety of possibilities.

Eisenbacher Dentalwaren

Description: Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH is specialist for CAD/CAM materials, 3D-printing materials, non-precious dental alloys, investment materials and dental plasters. We offer a wide pallet of high-quality materials for dental technicians ""Made in Germany"". We maintain a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485 / DIN EN ISO 9001 for the manufacturing and distribution of dental products.


Description: We design, develop and produce medical chairs and beds for many areas like dialysis, oncology, day clinics, day care, blood transfusion, infusions, small surgery’s… . Our focus is to offer comfortable, easy to use, safe as well as well thought out products for short and especially long-term treatment. We are over 40 years in the medical field and have a wide range of experience and products for many, different requirements. All our beds and chairs are certificated at the technical agency to ensure user and patient safety. In fact, LiKAMED is one of only a handful of manufacturers to certify both quality assurance and product safety. We hold certification for our management system (and thus our processes) according to ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485.


Description: Nomosan Nutraceuticals concentrates on the orthomolecular medicine. Nomosan® researches, develops and produces high-grade products for a better quality of life. Our company focusses on exceedingly good compatible dietary supplements, which are directed to the age-based needs of the patients. Since 2001, pharmacists and patients trust in products of Nomosan®. Long-time experience and scientific proved effectivity of the products guarantee their high quality. Currently we have 14 products on the market, which are distributed through pharmacies and wholesalers.

Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

Description: With their two brands, Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier, the Stiegelmeyer Group is a reliable partner for you whenever you need care beds and furniture. The family-run company has had a decisive influence on the development of hospital and nursing beds since 1900. Today, they are shaping future issues such as digital networking and reliable hygiene. Their beds and furniture have always stood for practical functions, comfort, attractive design and ease of use that lighten the workload of care staff. The goal is to promote people’s health and to maintain the well-being of everyone involved in nursing care.

Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG

Description: Even though we like to speak of “Dr. Wolff”: strictly speaking, we are two different companies: Dr. Kurt Wolff (cosmetics division) and Dr. August Wolff (medical division). At Dr. Kurt Wolff we develop hair care and styling products, hair dyes, skin care and decorative cosmetics as well as dental care. Dr. August Wolff produces dermatological and gynecological pharmaceuticals as well as medical and cosmetic products. We have currently 875 employees and are already working on 60 different markets all over the world. 

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